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Simple yet powerful tool for legal and compliance management

One platform, all agendas

Coolegi is an all-in-one platform for management of the agenda of legal and ompliance teams divided into separate modules which you can choose independently according to your team's needs.

Legal Entities

With Coolegi you can create and manage profiles of third-party subjects with whom your company deals with. All the relevant info from the othermodules, such as contracts, data transfers or tasks related to the subjects are linked and visible directly from these profiles.

Legal Documents

Store all your agreements, orders, notices, and other legal documents all in one place with all the relevant details, such as the contract term and termination conditions, stored in a structured manner. You can also use the built-in workflow for contract review and approval processes.

Legal Team Tools

Coolegi allows you to manage your team's cases, individual tasks, and knowledge as well as to track external expenses related to your cases. You can see all the most important events and deadlines in a simple but powerful calendar shared between all the members of your team.

Data Protection

Are you struggling with the maintenance of your company's data protection compliance documentation? Coolegi is here to help! Keep track of all the processing activities, purposes, data transfers, secondary assets, legitimate interest assessments, data breaches and more.

What Are Users Saying?

“Our everyday legal operations rely on Coolegi and it works great.”, Legal & Compliance Team

We've Come a Long Way


We aim to provide a simple and affordable but at the same time powerful tool which will help legal and compliance teams to manage their work in a structured and organized manner. The project started based on a shared frustration with the current solutions for data protection management tools available on the market which are either cheap and inadequate or very good but also very expensive.


What started as a simple tool for the management of the data processing

records mandated by the GDPR quickly developed into a much more complex

application which now includes a CRM of third parties, module for contract management and a module for management of the day-to-day agenda of corporate legal teams.

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